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Edmonton’s downtown bike grid would be a well-connected series of protected bike paths in the core. This grid would give people on bikes a safe, comfortable way to get almost anywhere in the downtown core.

This project is similar to Calgary's new bike paths, installed as a grid in its downtown last year. Calgary's grid resulted in a dramatic increase in cycling, with thousands of people every day from all demographics riding on the protected paths.


The protected paths could be installed using relatively-inexpensive materials (concrete barriers, bollards, etc.) that could be adapted quickly as data and feedback are collected on the installations. The first iteration won't be perfect, so flexibility is key.


Stantec, which designed the Calgary network, has submitted a report on the bike grid to city council that will be made public in mid September of 2016. It will then be voted on by the Urban Planning Committee on September 28 and by council on October 11.


Here's a more detailed write up on the history and genesis of the Edmonton downtown protected bike lane grid initiative.


Update! The Stantec report has been released and will be discussed at City Hall on September 28.

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